Noise Pollution

Loud sound from music, our phones, television sets, traffic or crowds of people pollutes the environment. For many of us, pollution is limited to resources and nature. However, any sound that tampers with our normal rhythm of life is pollution.

Causes of Noise Pollution

Construction Activities

During construction of bridges, roads, buildings, dams, among other structures, the equipment used are noisy. For instance, rocks are blasted using very loud explosives during construction of roads and dams. This contributes to noise pollution.


Industries and factories use big machines that produce a lot of noise. They include exhaust fans, grinding mills, compressors, and generators. The environment is so noisy that workers are advised to wear earplugs to reduce the effects of noise and minimize the chances of developing hearing loss among other side effects.

Poor Urban Planning

Poor urban planning causes congestion in towns and cities. This is worsened by the large population that scrambles for employment. The number of automobiles in urban areas is also high, meaning that vehicle noise is common in these areas – not to mention frequent fights over basic amenities and loud music done by companies promoting their products.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Simple as it looks, noise pollution has far-reaching effects on human life. The effects include:

Hearing problems: Constant exposure to loud noise reduces our sensitivity to sounds that our ears pick up in order to regulate our body’s rhythm. It damages our eardrums leading to loss of hearing.

Trouble Communicating: Loud noise causes misunderstanding when people are talking. It is even difficult to get what someone else is saying when the environment is too noisy.

Sleep disturbance: Sleeping in a noisy environment is difficult.

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